Three Days In The Hole - P. Money

Sittin in iss makin this rap to make time go fast only 30 seconds has gone past i sit in a chair starin at a brown wall only time i talks when a teachers sez paul i had to pisss so bad i went in the fuckin hall there 1 grl and 4 boys i cant here myself think with all the construction noise i think about bookin but i keep my poise most kids get in here for causin trouble or gettin into a fight me and jim got caught at jfk with a 12 pack of bud light tryin not to fold wish i had a blunt rolled u get hot than cold in these long three days in the hole(iss) everywhere i go it seems im always gettin hounded go to school than go home still grounded bein in here aint no fun i cant help to think that we shoyuld have run thats fat ass guard dint have no gun we could of peaced out son. how stupid could i be yo jim we could of left u and me and we wouldnt be sittin here in this load of s-h-i-t

we went up to getty all ready i had my 30 inch black macchete(jk) so we made the buys little did we no a half hour later wed get caught by to old fat guys shit was mad gay u no gettin caught at jfk we should have waited till saturday we could of had a fuckin beer buffet perfect waste of a friday night not to mention the unopened 12 bud lights shit was fuckin gay thats a fact well at least it wasnt a 20 sack or a shave of crack shit was still wack first an 18 now a 12 pack i cant believe we are sittin here just for doin what teens do drink beer!!!!!

Three Days In The Hole | P. Money Letra

Three Days In The Hole | P. Money Lyric

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